Intensiv Workshops




Give birth to your self - renew and rebirth!
This is a workshop given by AnandRaj every month, each with a new and different theme. 

They are verypowerful  and will give you the possibility to resolve deep subconscious patterns that might bind you in a repetition of disappointment and pain. You have the chance to conquer what weakens you and what prevents the unfolding of your full potential. So you can arrive step by step more and more in your presence and relax in the happiness of your original being.

Come and join us for a deep Kundalini Yoga experience, no previous experience is requiered!


The workshop will be given on the followong dates every month:

- 15. Jun fra kl. 16:00 - 20:00

Solveien 101, 1162 Oslo

Price is 380,- Kr

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