Certified Yoga Foundation Training

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Two weekends: 28. - 29. August and 4. - 5. September 2021
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- What is yoga, its history and philosophy,
- Different yogic traditions and forms
- Basic asanas, postures and pranayama (breathing exercises)
- Yogic lifestyle
- Guidelines and tips for a healthy yoga practice

Yoga is an ancient science enriching the modern society on many levels as philosophy, lifestyle, health and wellness activity. But in the growing wave of yoga offers that has build up during the last years you can easily loose orientation and overview.

Our yoga foundation course aims to give you a deeper insight and understanding of the origins of yoga and its various practice and traditions. If you are new to yoga or want to deepen your experience this course is a good starting point! We will provide you with a good foundation within the most known yogic disciplines, asanas and pranayamas. You will learn about the different traditions, their history and specialities and receive a deeper introduction into the yogic philosophy.

If you are inspired to share the deep experience that yoga offers with others, this education is the first building stone for our upcoming teacher trainings and specialisations in Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sound healing etc.

4 days NOK 2800,-
2 days NOK 1800,- Certification will be given with attendance and completion of the full course.
15% Early-bird discount with registration before 1. August!

We provide tea, water and snacks during the breaks.

Saturday 29. August :

Anand Raj 9.30 – 12.30 - introduction, welcoming, concept of prana and pranayama

Cecilie Samrita Aune 13.30 – 17.30 - chakras and basic postures, practice
phone: 45785278

Is a Yoga Teacher with heart and soul. To him Yoga is meant to unfold our creative potential so that we are able to face our true destiny. He is founding Director of Kundalini Yoga Skolen and Northern Light Yoga in Oslo. After exploring Chinese martial arts Anand Raj took up his studies of Yoga in India in 1999 and is since than immersing in to the science of Kundalini Yoga with all it`s varies aspects. He is a KRI Certified Kundalini Lead Teacher Trainer. Anand Raj`s background as musician, artist and psychotherapist gives his approach to Yoga depth and playfulness. While his dedication to Karam Kriya (yogic numerology) allows a universal spiritual wisdom shine through his teachings.
Cecilie began her yoga journey at sixteen in 1989. She had a strong inner drive to understand and experience a deeper connection with her soul, her higher consciousness, the creator and the creation. She submerged into self-studies in meditation techniques, eastern philosophy, spirituality, energy anatomy with its teachings on life force energy, energy channels, chakras and the mind-body connection. These old teachings and wisdom inspired her to teacher trainings in yoga and educations in therapy, esoteric coaching and healing.
Cecilie has been a dedicated Yoga Teacher since 2004. She is a certified Yoga Fitness Instructor, Hatha Yoga Teacher, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga Teacher, KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1, and is half ways in her Level 2 training in Kundalini Yoga.
“Yoga is a lifelong journey of spiritual transformation. Layer by layer we discover who we truly are. And layer by layer we understand that we are all One.” – Cecilie Samrita Aune
Practices yoga since 1991, he has worked as a professional yoga teacher for 19 years (in Italy and in Norway). He has studied the Indian philosophies and the Yoga traditions both academically (at the University of religious studies in Trento), and practically, learning the traditional Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Tantra Yoga under the teaching of Indian swamis (traditional yoga monks) and participating to the Yoga Educators trainings of the institute AMAYE in Sweden and Germany (more than 500 hours). In 2011 he became also a certified Ayurveda therapist (Ayurveda is the medical side of the Yoga tradition) with the European Institute of Ayurveda (London) and a Yin Yoga instructor. He is recognised and registered as a Yoga-Elder by the International Independent Yoga Network (more than 8000 hours of teaching).