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Why not ask for more? Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary...

Many people seek yoga because they want to learn how to relax more, become more flexible and feel good in their body. That's fair enough and for many people also good enough, but why not ask for more?

Kundalini Yoga is about raising your frequency, your state of mind, and strengthening your nervous system so that you can integrate all the parts that you consist of and unfold your greatest potential. With a clear mind, open heart and strong nervous system, we dare to ask for more. We are able to handle stress, stand in the middle of our life where the pressure is high and still be centered and say Sat Nam - truth is my identity. We dare to embrace feelings, good and bad, and we don't escape for distractions that does not serve us. We also no longer find pleasure in fascinations and temporarily "high's" that does not last. We seek for the extraordinarily in the ordinary and for the beauty of real life!
Next Saturday 20th May I am giving the Kundalini Yoga Workshop "Conquer your mind - Conquer the world" from 11:00 - 17:00.
In this workshop I will teach you powerful Kundalini Yoga techniques to take control of your mind so that your mind don't take control of you. When you can control your mind you can control your world, your life, and unfold your potential.
The workshop is open for beginners and are perfect for you that like deep Kundalini Yoga experiences or are interested in the teacher training we are starting 15. September in Oslo, or for you that simply want to integrate the teachings more in your daily life.
All is welcome!
Lørdag 20. Mai kl. 11:00 - 17:00
Enkelt workshops: 875,-
Alle de resterende workshopene: få 15% rabatt om du melder deg på de resterende 3 workshopene av Rise & Shine Training. Kontakt oss direkte om du er interessert.
ADRESSE: Professor Dahlsgate 30, 0260 Oslo
Parkeringsmuligheter: Ja

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